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Frank McCathran Named Omnilert’s New Vice President

Samantha Leland

Leesburg, Va. – Omnilert, LLC recently announced the hiring of Frank McCathran who is now serving as the company’s vice president. He will be responsible for sales, marketing, and customer success initiatives.

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Planning and Critical Communications

Eric Polovich

We’ve recently been discussing ‘the Most Important Minute’ - that first minute during a crisis situation when every second counts. Since emergencies can be frantic and emotional by nature, what you do during the first minute of a crisis can severely impact the outcome. That is why it is essential to plan well in advance and be ready to execute your Emergency Response Plan, and critical communications should definitely be a part of that plan.

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Emergency Communications & Notifications, Emergency Planning & Preparation

Omnilert Announces New Network Status Dashboard

Scott Howard

Omnilert is pleased to introduce the new Network Status dashboard. This new resource allows customers to access live updates related to the Omnilert Network. The genesis was to provide full transparency to our customers and to fulfill our quest to be continually responsive to our customers’ needs and requests.

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