• Emergencies can happen everywhere, from the laboratory floor to the campus quad. Omnilert’s unique approach to emergency planning, initiation, and response provides an effective, reliable solution that’s easy to use and applicable to almost every industry.


Automating emergency notifications across a diverse marketplace.

In our bustling and ever-evolving world, throngs of people gather in a diverse array of environments – to conduct business, to learn, to shop, to be entertained, to seek medical attention and to tend to every other aspect of life.

As widely different as these places may be, the people who frequent them are all subject to similar potential threats, ranging from tornadoes to terrorism. There is another important thing they have in common – in the event of a crisis, their lives rest in the hands of a few select individuals.

We recognize that to be effective, those with life safety decision-making responsibility must be armed with an emergency notification system that accommodates what is both common and unique in each crisis environment.

That’s why, to assure the best possible outcome to emergency events, we address
many major industries – all of which can leverage Omnilert’s technology, people,
and processes, but each with a solution tailored to a distinct set of needs and challenges.

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