Emergency Messaging For Disruptive Incidents

Emergency management officials know that effective emergency messaging occurs when recipients are ready and willing to receive them.

Finding ways to alert staff and others before an emergency happens is one of the most effective ways to minimize life-threatening situations and to help people prepare sooner. Providing reliable ongoing communication after the emergency can help mitigate the effects of the incident. Yet, will your staff act on your calls or emails when you issue them?

The proliferation of communication technologies means that organizations have more ways than ever to stay in touch. When an emergency or disaster strikes, that can make the job of critical communication either easier, or more difficult. It all depends on the toolset you have to work with, and, how you use it. A growing number of emergency preparedness plans include the use of multi-channel or multi-platform emergency messaging systems like Omnilert.

Better Emergency Management Through Better Emergency Messaging

Thousands of organizations and the world’s most trusted brands reserve the use of Omnilert for times of crisis or unexpected change. If these organizations were to use it for incidents that were non-emergencies, then their recipients would be become desensitized to the emergency messages. Raising a false alarm is like “crying wolf”.

By using the Omnilert emergency messaging system judiciously, you improve your chances of effectively reaching those you need to reach, when it’s needed most. It can send millions of simultaneous voice, text and email messages, post to social media and web pages, and integrate with PA systems, digital signs and other methods. With Omnilert, you control the Caller ID and sender aliases, so when your recipients see or hear these alerts, they will know it’s important.

New technologies will continue to emerge that will broaden the spectrum of multi-platform emergency messaging for better emergency preparedness and response. Omnilert is designed to keep pace with change. Whatever technology transforms the way we communicate tomorrow, Omnilert will be ready to keep your community safe and connected.

Don’t wait for an emergency. Contact Omnilert and start protecting your people today.