Emergency Alert Systems for Companies, Non-profits, and Government Agencies

For decades, emergency alert systems such as tornado sirens, fire alarms, and the ubiquitous Emergency Broadcast System have helped warn us of impending storms, chemical spills and other public health hazards and disasters.

As our communities have grown and technologies have evolved, these traditional emergency alert systems reach fewer people. Traditional TV and radio audiences have been dwindled by online substitutes accessed through a growing number of devices and services, from iPods to computers to smartphones to tablets. Communities have spread considerably, making audible warning systems less effective.

Modern Emergency Alert Systems for Business, Government, & Schools

Emergency alert systems from Omnilert help address these issues by reaching citizens, first responders, schools, employees and others in many different forms. Unlike the public Emergency Alert System (EAS) controlled by senior level government officials, you control your feature-rich, cloud-based Omnilert emergency alert system.

Stay in control.  With your own emergency alert system, you control who gets alerted, when alerts are sent and which messages go to each group of people.

Reach your people wherever they happen to be.  Send messages via SMS/text, email, social media, web, RSS, digital signage and more.  Easily integrate with your existing safety communication systems like digital signage.

Use two-way alerting to boost situational awareness.  Efficiently engage when recipients rely on email, text message or phone alerts.  Omnilert’s SMS Inbox automatically organizes incoming text messages for easy monitoring during an incident.

Send to thousands of recipients in seconds. Whether you need to send 25 alerts or 250,000, Omnilert’s massively scalable, cloud-based emergency alert system can reach your people.  Simply log into any desktop or mobile web browser – no custom apps are necessary – and send your message.  The system can handle hundreds of thousands concurrent interactions so even large alerting campaigns are processed quickly.

Enjoy flexible user management and grouping.  You can select the optimum user management strategy for your organization: opt-in, opt-out, self-service subscriptions via the web or text message, or direct admin uploads from your existing databases.  Plus, it’s easy to organize your people into contextual groups by department, geography, role, etc.  This helps you get the right messages to the right people at the right time.