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NJ Sheriff emphasizes disaster preparedness

Spreading information and vital skills can help officials get their communities ready for emergency situations. As a part of National County Government Month, Sheriff Shaun Golden of Freehold, N.J., recently highlighted the importance of preparation for crises and informed citizens of local programs designed to meet the need for readiness prior to disasters, the Atlantic Highlands Herald reported.

The Freehold Office of Emergency Management has implemented a number of initiatives to educate the community about emergencies and steps that members can take to minimize the distressing consequences that can come from being caught off-guard. For instance, the government agency created a project that seeks to teach elderly individuals about preparedness.

"We need to be vigilant on how to prepare for natural disasters and emergencies, particularly as we approach the upcoming hurricane season, which starts June 1," Golden said. "After Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy impacted Monmouth County, it was recognized that many people did not have a family emergency plan. In an effort to change that the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office, Office of Emergency Management, OEM, created STORM, Seniors Taking on Readiness Measures."

In addition to carefully devised training programs, local administrators can also use emergency alert systems, such Omnilert, to get ready for crises. Omnilert allows officials to use emergency messaging to maintain communication during disasters.

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