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Emergency Mass Notification System
Juliet HulseJun 6, 2018 11:02:00 AM3 min read

Benefits of Meeting with Your Emergency Notification Provider

In this constantly evolving world of technology and mass notification, there are always updates and enhancements to reach more people in better ways, which ensures the protection of your organization and the safety of your people. What’s the best way to stay up to date with the enhancements of your mass notification system? Scheduling calls with your MNS account manager is a great way to stay in the know. That is sometimes easier said than done when you’re busy.


If you’re not able to schedule this or in-person meetings because of location or timing, a convenient place to spend time learning is at an industry trade show or conference. Conferences and trade shows are not only great places to meet with your account manager, but it’s also great for industry education, meeting your peers, and participating in sessions that focus on the future. Here are three benefits of meeting your MNS partner-provider:

Easier to speak in-person.

Often times, choosing a notification provider can take some time. Most communication between an account manager and the administrator is through email or over the phone. This is for convenience on both sides. Life in the emergency safety industry is always moving and an email or a quick call is sometimes simpler.


Catch up on industry advancements.

In the world of safety technology, there’s always new updates and changes to the platform. Although emails are often sent out relaying these updates, they’re sometimes disregarded in the business of our days. Catching up with your account manager at a conference or trade show is a great way to stay abreast of the latest trends from industry leaders, as well as, learn first-hand about actual user experiences from seasoned professionals.


  • Justification for attending.

Conferences or trade shows are a great place to network with peers and learn what new trends are happening in the industry. They can, however, also sometimes be a large monetary expense. Meeting face-to-face with your mass notification provider is a great justification for attending the event.


Conferences, trade shows, and expositions provide unparalleled opportunities for attendees to network and share best practices with their colleagues. Attending and meeting with your mass notification system partner can provide tangible value to you and your organization.


If attending one of the following campus safety conferences in the upcoming months, please schedule a time to meet in-person with a representative of Omnilert’s e2Campus. By doing so we can help you catch up on industry advancements, platform evolutions, and justify your attendance.


IACLEA 60th Annual Conference & Exposition 

June 29 - July 2

Orlando, Florida


Campus Safety Conference East 

July 18 - July 20

Herndon, Virginia



July 16 - July 20 

Charlotte, North Carolina