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emergency notification
Frank McCathranFeb 7, 2018 10:49:00 AM2 min read

Introducing Omnilert 6: Evolving Emergency Notification & Response

Omnilert continues to lead the mass notification industry with the announcement of the latest critical communications platform release, Omnilert 6. Available immediately, Omnilert 6 enables greater automation, scalability, and integration with your organization’s emergency action and response plans. This release marks the next critical step in the evolution of the industry.


This release presents a quantum leap beyond the common text alert systems of the present. Omnilert 6 captures your team’s response plans in a sequence of predefined actions to be initiated in one step, so you can be confident in your response efforts for the most important minute of a crisis. The platform allows you to reach multiple audiences, with unique messages and predefined actions, across multiple connected technologies. Omnilert 6 is an evolution of the old-world emergency notification system in an effort to be 100% supportive of what you need to accomplish before, during, and after a crisis or emergency situation.


“Omnilert 6 was completely redesigned to embrace the infinite possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) to interactively automate emergency communications in an effort to enable faster initiation, notification, mobilization, and collaboration,” says CEO Ara Bagdasarian. “Organizations can give life to their emergency response plans by mapping them into Omnilert 6 where the predefined sequence of actions outlined in their plan can be initiated automatically; saving more lives and mitigating organizational risks during a crisis.”


Where most companies in the industry continue to focus on text alerting, a key component that distinguishes Omnilert 6 is its holistic view of notification and response; which actually starts long before any emergency occurs with the development of predefined Scenarios™ (e.g., lockdowns, severe weather warnings, hazardous material spills, active shooter emergencies, etc.). Moreover, organizations are still reaching each group with different messages or sending the same message to multiple groups - manually. Not ideal while an emergency is unfolding.


Emergencies happen. A lot needs to occur quickly to keep people safe and informed. Notifying, mobilizing, and collaborating while under stress can pose risks. With Omnilert 6, you can automate any series of actions including initiating your multimodal notification and response, activating and assembling your team within seconds - all while providing them the documented procedures to follow.


Omnilert Customers can start leveraging Omnilert 6 immediately by coordinating with their Account Manager.