Testimonials - Best School Emergency Notification System



Allegany College of Maryland

“It’s a reliable service that works and the other part is the cost of it is very reasonable.”

John Morley, Coordinator of Security


Tacoma Community College

“When they said something about a mass notification system, I never thought it was going to be something that was this great! Everyone can receive a text in such a quick time.”

Will Howard, Chief of Police


Tarleton State University

“We love their support! Anytime we need any sort of question answered just to make us feel better, or that there might be a concern, not only do they find an answer but they do it so quickly!”

Jamie Trusner, Manager Information Services


University of Maryland Baltimore

“The training on it is so simple. It took 20 minutes to do the training but really you could learn it in 10 minutes. It’s really that simple!”

Steven C. Deck, Assistant Director and Safety Manager


John A. Logan College

“It gives the students another avenue were they can see what’s going on and we send information right from e2Campus software to the different mediums.”

Terry Crain, Dean for Student Services


Madison College

“Extremely user friendly! It’s a great product and I have no intentions on leaving e2Campus.”

Jim Bottoni, Director of Public Safety



Pratt Institute

“If I am going to be instantly immersed in an emergency situation, I need to put a message out and spend as little time as possible doing it so I can continue my focus on the emergency at hand and e2Campus lets me do this. Its simplicity and speed is very valuable to me.”


William Schmitz, Director of Safety & Security