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Securing your data

Omnilert provides emergency notification and alert services to our customers. Since we need to be available at the most critical times, we take maintaining a reliable and robust security posture very seriously. All of our systems, as well as staff, have redundancies in place to ensure there are multiple backups to every primary system.

Our policies are aligned with industry standards for data protection, cryptography, and availability. A core mission at Omnilert is to meet our client standards before they meet us.


Proactive Data Protection

Protecting customer information is critical to Omnilert, which is why it is given our highest level of data protection and is why we maintain the robust infrastructure needed to provide reliable emergency notification and alert services.  We maintain contacts with all relevant local and federal authorities for the fastest possible response, investigation, and remediation times to potential events.

We leave physical security to the best in the industry, using the cloud infrastructure facilities of world-class datacenters who, in unison with our company, continuously evaluate and test.

We have a number of detailed policies that outline how we handle security at our organization. Cybersecurity is at the core of Omnilert’s business, so we can keep you protected in the worst of times and available always.

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