Our mission is clear.
Provide a better way to keep people safe and aware during a crisis.

An Idea Was Born

Late in 2003, Omnilert’s founders read about the tragic rape and murder of Jeanne Clery on her college campus. The article revealed one key factor in the incident: had the student been informed about the criminal on campus, this tragedy may have been prevented.

Our founders, Ara H. Bagdasarian and Niclas K. Gustavsson, combined their backgrounds in web and mobile technology to introduce the world’s first campus emergency notification system in 2004. For the first time, schools were empowered to quickly send emergency alerts to students via their mobile phones, email, and web from a single, intuitive interface. This system, which came to be known as e2Campus, is still the recognized market leader in critical communications for campuses across the country.

The Legacy of Innovation Continues

Having defined the market for higher education and campus environments, we broadened our reach into multiple industries including government, manufacturing, hospitals, corporations, hospitality, and other commercial enterprise arenas. Striving to set the pace in technology, knowledge, and customer enablement, we lead the industry in the enhancement of critical capabilities such as Omnimodal Notifications, Scenarios® management, and response team training and mobilization. Helping you focus on measuring and improving performance, emergency readiness, and event outcomes—so that your emergency response teams act with speed and effectiveness even under extreme duress—is one of our highest goals.


Our Focus - To Empower Those Who Protect Lives

We’re not in the business of providing general notification or text message systems. We focus all of our resources on critical and emergency communications that empower the “outcome owners”—those whose role is to protect lives during a crisis; whether on a campus, in a mall, or at an office building.

Today, thousands of organizations, including the world’s leading brands, rely on our technology and focused commitment to keep millions of individuals safe and connected.

Future-Proof Your Investment

Omnilert has established a history of innovation spanning more than a decade. Keeping users ahead of the curve is ingrained in our culture as we continue to harness the latest advancements in communication technologies through upgrades and enhancements.

Examples of Omnilert’s Industry-Leading Firsts

  • First mass text messaging service for schools to alert students and parents, called e2Campus 
  • First to offer mobile opt-in to emergency notification systems (ENS)
  • First to offer auto opt-out letting users schedule their own removal from alerts during initial signup
  • First to offer SmartCode technology enabling clients to display ENS functionality on clients’ own website
  • First ENS to integrate Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)
  • First ENS to broadcast via TTY/TDD for hearing-impaired
  • First ENS to initiate alerts from a mobile phone
  • First ENS to offer Single Sign-On with Shibboleth
  • First ENS to allow initiation of pre-planned series of communications with one click