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Juliet HulseNov 30, 2017 11:37:17 AM1 min read

Interview: Police Chief on Emergency Preparedness

In this Q&A, originally published in the 2018 Critical Mass Magazine, Chief Peter Carey discusses how Buffalo State College coordinates emergency preparedness, notification, and response throughout the entire campus community. Carey is Campus Safety Magazine’s 2017 Campus Safety Director of the Year for Higher Education.  


Chief Carey dives into Buffalo State College’s reasoning for changing from a basic alerting system to a more integrated platform that allows them to send alerts to multiple endpoints such as digital signage, TV network, and desktop computers. He gives advice on drills and training for similar organizations to ensure the safety of their constituents. Carey also describes the most challenging aspects of his job, including being prepared for any emergency.


From his years of experience, there is much insight and advice to be gained from Chief Carey in the full interview available here: Expert Q&A with Chief Carey. 


Similar industry expert perspectives on emergency preparation, notification, and response - can be downloaded in the latest edition of Critical Mass Magazine here: 2018 Critical Mass Magazine-Automating Emergency Notifcations.


Congratulations, once again, to Chief Carey and to Buffalo State College for being recognized for their emergency preparedness and safety leadership efforts!


Juliet Hulse

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