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Emergency preparedness program held at South Carolina college

A prepared community can help minimize the fallout from disasters. The Red Cross recently collaborated with Lander University in South Carolina to provide a program that helped staff, students and faculty get ready for emergencies, GwdToday reported.

The educational series ran from Feb. 24 to the 27 and included a variety of activities to promote disaster preparedness. For instance, members of the campus community received assistance in installing mobile applications for diverse emergency scenarios from College of Business and Public Affairs workers in Johnston Commons.

The program began with an opening given speech from Dave Lorenzatti, a member of the Greater Greenwood Red Cross executive council and LU community, and Sarah Dow, the Red Cross development officer of the region. The presenters talked about ways to prepare for the unexpected and the types of disasters that may strike in the LU area.

LU also has a group of volunteers dedicated to keeping the campus safe during crises.

"Many faculty, students and staff are volunteers with Lander's first university-based Medical Reserve Corps and the Campus Emergency Response Team," said Daniel Ball, president of LU.

Administrators at LU may further prepare for emergencies by implementing an alert and notification system, such as Omnilert.

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