Omnilert is the leading integrated mass notification system for sending time-sensitive information to large groups of people. With our instant deployment capability, you could be sending emergency notifications today.

An integrated emergency notification system (ENS) or unified mass notification system (MNS) is defined as a platform to deliver a message to a small or large group of people – anywhere, anytime on any device or service all at once. With a single click of a button, you increase the odds that a particular recipient received your message in a timely manner because you are instantly reaching them in the most relevant way to them. Recipients and subscribers who opt-in for your messages can select both the content they wish to receive, plus the device(s) they want to be contacted by.

The service can instantly and simultaneously send alerts to subscribers via:

  • Mobile phones (text message)
  • Traditional wired phones (voice message)
  • VoIP phones
  • Satellite phones
  • Mobile Apps
  • iPads & tablets
  • Wireless PDAs
  • Text pagers
  • Personal email accounts
  • Work email accounts
  • Web pages
  • RSS feeds
  • Personalized portals (MyYahoo, Google or AOL page)
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter accounts
  • CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) devices
  • RSS readers
  • Digital signage systems
  • Visual displays systems
  • L.E.D. ticker displays & locks
  • Alert beacons
  • TTY/TDD devices
  • Loudspeakers & giant voice systems
  • Public address systems (PA systems)
  • Voice sirens

Omnilert Applications

Omnilert is ideal for organizations responsible for the well being of citizens, employees, students, athletes, parents, volunteers, partners, first responders, and others.

  • Emergency Broadcasts
  • Terrorist Alerts
  • Weather Advisories
  • School Closings
  • Event Cancellations
  • Scheduled Maintenance Reminders
  • Phone Tree Replacement