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Buyer’s Guide to Emergency Notification Solutions

Emergencies can happen everywhere – from the manufacturing floor to the campus quad. It’s so important to have a reliable and robust mass notification solution to provide you and your people effective and reliable communication before, during, and after an emergency.


People expect to be notified of an emergency. Regardless of whether you’re at a place of work, play, or worship and there’s an emergency, people expect to receive notification and recommended guidance to take appropriate action. It’s also expected that local EMS and police be automatically notified of the situation.


Mass notification and communication solutions must continue to evolve to enhance the methods of alerting to expand the reach of these communications. There must be unique and multiple ways to reach everyone, everywhere - based on the needs, requirements, and infrastructure of each organization.


Not all mass notification systems are created equally. It’s important to consider many factors when choosing a vendor and make sure that this critical safety solution isn’t a dud.


In our experience, we’ve found that there are seven key factors to ensure the selection of the right emergency notification provider to ensure successful crisis communications. Use this Buyer’s Guide to help determine which emergency notification provider would be most reliable for your organization.


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