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Emergency notifications at the University of Nebraska Medical


Due to the diverse roles that make up the population at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), and locations alike, critical communications and emergency notifications take many forms. UNMC’s Safety Manager, John Hauser, has to ensure everyone on campus and hospital grounds is notified immediately when a crisis or something out of the ordinary occurs.  

With the diverse population of employees, students, patients, and visitors, there is much to consider. Each of these groups may receive different information according to their role, receive information via different methods or channels according to their role, or even both -- all according to the severity and specifics of the incident.  John Hauser, along with any other Safety Manager, has his hands full.


Download this Insight to learn more about how John Hauser helped automate emergency notifications at UNMC by implementing actions and messages ahead of time in his emergency notification system. 

Due to his efforts, UNMC now has predefined and implemented actions for incidents and emergencies before they occur.


Some of his Scenarios are:

Incident Command Standby

Incident Command Activate

All Clear - Incident Command

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Tornado Warning

Tornado Watch

Hospital Voalte Phone Outage

Hospital Bed Condition Red

By having your audience pre-selected, the methods of communication decided, and the message already determined for each respective incident or emergency, John decreases response time, decreases risk of his team potentially doing the wrong thing, and decreases personal stress.


You can learn more about tools to automate emergency notifications on our Automation page.

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