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Top Four Mass Notification System Preparation Steps

Emergencies do not happen on a clock. They can happen at any time, anywhere, and the best solution is to be proactive. Having a complete crisis communications solution in place ensures that whatever situations may arise, you are as prepared. When preparing and formulating plans, a robust mass notification system is an integral component to help facilitate the flawless orchestration of emergency communications and response - from beginning to end.


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Automating Emergency Notifications, Emergency Communications & Notifications, Emergency Planning & Preparation

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Leveraging technology in unique ways to expand emergency notifications

Today, the ways to notify your people are practically endless. They are registered to receive text messages and/or emails. And, whether implemented or not, they have the capability of receiving those same notifications as they are sitting in front of a computer that displays an emergency message, while walking down a hall hearing it via a PA system, or by seeing a digital sign broadcasting information. As a result, your people have multiple ways of staying informed about what is going on and can remain off property if directed.


But what about your visitors and/or those not registered to receive alerts?

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Emergency Communications & Notifications

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