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Nathan Gavacs

Nathan Gavacs is an Account Manager with Omnilert. He went to the State University of New York at Fredonia. Nate’s background is in IT networking and security supporting Fortune 500 Companies within the network infrastructure and mobile industries. He’s been at Omnilert for almost seven years and works with many Aerospace and Healthcare organizations. In his spare time, Nathan likes to write music and plays ice hockey.

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Using Pre-Planned Templates to Improve ENS Efficiency

Communication and information are essential tools in getting people to safety and minimizing the impacts of emergency situations. The reliability, speed, and accuracy of information are vital components in determining the effectiveness of communications. Crises like an unplanned outage, active shooter, or inclement weather all require the dissemination of accurate information at a moment’s notice. The success of your emergency response depends heavily on your preparation. If you have planned correctly, the execution of your response will be quick with minimal chance for error.

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Nathan Gavacs

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