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A School's Best Choice for Active Shooter Protection

Gun violence in schools is escalating. 2022 broke the record for the most school shootings in over four decades. This was one of the most unnecessarily violent years for youth ages 12-17.


So what are schools to do?

Before we discuss technology solutions, lets recap the basic preparations that should be in place. Schools should take a multi-layered approach, which can include the following:

Developing Emergency Plans

Schools should have a comprehensive emergency plan in place that outlines steps to be taken in the event of an active shooter incident. This plan should be reviewed and tested regularly to ensure its effectiveness.

Providing Training

Regular training for students, staff, and first responders can help increase awareness and preparedness for active shooter incidents. This training should cover what to do in the event of an incident, how to report suspicious behavior, and how to respond in a safe, quick and effective manner.

Securing the Building

Take steps to secure buildings and grounds, such as limiting access points, installing security cameras layered with detection technologies, and implementing visitor check-in procedures.

Working With Law Enforcement

Establish partnerships with local law enforcement agencies and participate in regular drills and exercises to ensure that everyone is prepared in the event of an incident.

Promoting a Culture of Awareness

Encourage students and staff to report any suspicious behavior or concerns to the appropriate authorities. They can also promote a culture of awareness by providing information and resources on active shooter preparedness.

Providing Support After an Incident

Schools should have plans in place to provide support to students, staff, and families following an active shooter incident, including counseling services and resources for coping with trauma.

It is important to note that while these measures can help prepare for and respond to active shooter incidents, the best way to prevent harm is to ensure you have the earliest detection of a potential threat so you can put these plans to work as quickly as possible and maximize your response times to save lives.


Visual Gun Detection with AI

Omnilert Gun Detect, a visual gun detection technology powered by AI, is a broadly deployable technology that adds a new layer of protection to vulnerable exteriors and interiors of your facilities. Using existing security cameras, it monitors for the presence of brandished weapons, 24x7.

As the only gun detection solution with emergency notification and automated response capabilities, it is the most complete solution for active shooter protection and response. Important to this claim is the powerful integration capabilities of the platform. Our integration with Raptor Technologies’ robust emergency management and reunification tools, sets a new, high standard for protection, response and recovery during emergencies. 

Omnilert’s AI visual gun detection solution delivers improved accuracy and sub-second detection of potential active shooter threats. Any school utilizing Raptor Technologies can receive a threat notification from Omnilert and automatically initiate the school’s emergency response protocol via Raptor® Connect™. You can read about that integration in the full release.


The Power of Many

Schools need systems designed to identify potential active shooter threats and to expedite automated emergency response programs – all expected to occur within mere seconds of a verified gun detection.  This response could include contacting police, locking doors, sounding alarms, changing lighting, sending broadcast alerts, and even highlighting evacuation routes. 

We believe the best response is the one that works easiest with the tools and systems companies, schools and institutions already have in place. That is why we designed our technology around an open architecture that allows for interoperability with other services and systems to seamlessly work within an organization’s existing tools and workflows. 

In addition to Raptor, we have partnered with several other leading companies to offer the most comprehensive and effective solution for helping save lives in the event of an active shooter incident. Below are a few of our partners:

Omnilert’s active shooter solution is a complete, end-to-end solution that encompasses detection, verification, activation, and notification, supported by powerful automation capabilities. Unlike other options that merely identify weapons, Omnilert’s solution recognizes a firearm and the human movements and behavior consistent with gun violence, and then automates a full response plan within seconds to help keep people safe. 

Protecting our schools from active shooter threats should be a top priority nationwide.  Watch this video to learn how the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida could have been different if AI-powered visual gun detection software was running alongside their existing security cameras:

If you are interested in learning more about AI gun detection and our visual active shooter solution, check out these resources: