When you're responsible for saving lives, failure is not an option.
  • Text alerts. Emails. Social media posts. Digital signage updates. RSS feeds. Not only can you broadcast an emergency notification across every screen, device, and channel - but now you can do it all from a single, pre-planned platform in seconds... with a single touch.



  • Omnimodal Notification

    Conveniently send emergency notification to every communication channel available from the web or mobile device.

  • Scenarios®

    In one click, initiate your organization’s Scenarios; pre-defined, event-based, action plans to notify, activate, and assemble your team. During duress, Scenarios helps to eliminate human error. 

  • Automation

    Trigger critical communication automatically upon events like a security breach, infrastructure intrusion, or severe weather warning.
  • Two-Way Communication

    Enable message recipients to acknowledge receipt of an alert, report on their personal

  • well-being, or simply provide useful information.

  • Inbound Hotline

    Our high-capacity hotline can handle thousands of incoming calls at one time. Provide information with pre-recorded voice messages or instantly with text-to-speech alerts.

  • Outbound Conferencing

  • Initiate a secure and private phone conference with key response members for instant collaboration.


"When every second counts, you can’t leave any room for human error. That’s why we’ve engineered a solution with as few steps as possible to launch a response – even with a single touch."

Nick Gustavsson – CTO

The Omnilert Difference Starts with Scenarios


Optimal emergency response management requires more than just alerts. Successful management throughout the full crisis cycle requires careful planning and coordination before an incident ever occurs.


Pre-plan for every critical event

Effectively leverage emergency response teams

Reduce human error during duress

Fast, One-touch deployment of emergency actions

Segment and reach audiences as intended

Leverage emergency response teams

Notify local first responders automatically

Leading industry solution

Regulation compliant


  • “Omnilert has become an integral part of our safety management system, and has allowed us to respond and communicate rapidly and easily when irregular or emergency operations happen.”



Shye Gilad

Co-Founder & CEO - ProJet


  • “The ease with which a Scenario can be launched and a message can be sent is the most valuable piece of a mass notification system. I feel that Omnilert is a very reliable system that integrates well with a lot of different endpoints that we have on campus.”



Gus Porter

Environmental Health Safety & Preparedness Manager - High Point University