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OmnilertNov 10, 2005 9:51:45 AM4 min read

Universal Notification Provider E2Alerts Changes Name to Omnilert, LLC

New name better represents all-alerts notification system

Leesburg, VA

e2Alerts, LLC announced today it has changed its name to Omnilert, LLC. The new name better reflects the companys ability to simultaneously send all types of alerts to clients subscribers. In business or leisure, the word omnilert replaces alerts as an easy way to ensure your group or community gets a message in a timely fashion by sending it via as many modes as possible. Also today, Omnilert launched a new corporate web site that will serve as a hub for resellers selling the new system. The name change will not affect subscribers, clients, and resellers that have agreements with e2Wireless, LLC and e2Alerts, LCC.

“An alert is a single action, whereas an omnilert is all alerts at once to reach a subscriber wherever they are”, said Bryan Crum, Vice President of Marketing at Omnilert. “Its about accountability and convenience. When you need to notify someone of time-sensitive news, but arent sure if they are at work, at home, at play, or in the car, one omnilert will cover it all.”

About The Omnilert System
Used by thousands of subscribers, Omnilert is a 100% web-based universal notification system that empowers non-technical users to self-administer and manage time-sensitive messages for a fraction of the cost and complexity of existing notification services. There is no software to install and no hardware to buy. A new client can setup a secure notification system in minutes to send routine, urgent or emergency notifications to their community.

Clients can send omnilerts to subscribers within an entire community or sub-groups of a community. Omnilert instantly and simultaneously sends alerts to a subscribers mobile phone (via SMS text message), traditional wired phone (via voice message), satellite phone, Blackberry, smart phone, wireless PDA, pager, e-mail account, and relevant web page.

Omnilert Features

  • SmartCode – Simply cut/paste a line of code into your web page for registration or notices.
  • Groups – Create multiple sub-groups for relevancy & accuracy of notices.
  • Validater – Automatically validates subscriber’s inputs to ensure accurate contact information.
  • MultiRegister – Allow subscribers to register one or all contact points.
  • Opt-in or Upload – Let subscribers opt-in or upload your own list of contacts.
  • Subscriber Manager – Update, deactivate, or remove subscribers from accounts or sub-groups.
  • SMS Tester – Test any mobile phone to ensure it is properly configured & can accept messages.
  • Character Counter – Determines if notification length will work in an SMS text message.
  • Dashboard – Quickly see groups, subscriber stats, message stats & links to common tasks.
  • Reporter – Review reports on activity, subscribers & messages sent.
  • Brandable – Brand the user interface to make the system look like the client’s service.

About Omnilert, LLC
Omnilert, LLC is a leading provider of universal notification systems for sending time-sensitive information to mass audiences. The self-service, web-based system enables a single person to communicate timely information to thousands of people anywhere, anytime, on any device. It is ideal for announcing school closings, game cancellations, weather warnings, terrorist alerts, and marketing promotions. The system is built around a reliable text-messaging system that sends content directly to a mobile phone, as well as an email address, web page, pager or wired phone. Omnilert Text and Voice solutions are sold through resellers with thousands of users. The privately held company is located in Leesburg, VA and online at