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OmnilertFeb 9, 2006 9:50:00 AM3 min read

Security On Campus, Inc. Endorses Omnilert to Protect College Students

Instant notifications effectively protect students 24 hours a day by delivering safety-related messages wherever students are located


Omnilert LLC, makers of the notification system, today announced that the national non-profit campus safety organization, Security On Campus, Inc., has endorsed notification technologies like Omnilert to better protect college students from crimes. Instant notifications effectively protect students by delivering safety-related messages wherever students are located, 24 hours a day. Research shows many students now carry cell phones and other mobile devices with them wherever they go. Catherine Bath, Executive Director of Security On Campus, is scheduled to be interviewed live on CBS’s The Early Show this Friday, February 10th at a little past 8:00AM ET. During the interview, Catherine will be discussing the newest technologies like Omnilert to help keep students safe.


“Omnilert is a practical way to protect students on or off campus by issuing a Clery Act Timely Warning,” explains Catherine Bath. “It is the most effective way to reach a broad base of students when a crime occurs that can involve additional victims. The Clery Act is more than just a requirement to report crimes. It is intended to help protect students everyday by raising the awareness of crimes committed on campus.”


Omnilert works by enabling college administrators and public safety officers to send an instant alert to all students cell phones and email addresses the minute an event occurs. Since the notifications are sent to students cell phones using Short Message Service (SMS) text messages, the alert reaches students wherever they are located on campus or off campus. For instance, if a student is walking across campus at night and learns that a crime was recently committed and the criminal is at large, then that student can take immediate actions to protect his/her safety.


About Security On Campus, Inc.
Security On Campus, Inc. is a unique 501(c)(3) non-profit grass roots organization dedicated to safe campuses for college and university students. It was co-founded in 1987 by Connie & Howard Clery, following the murder of their daughter at Lehigh University. 


About Omnilert, LLC
Omnilert, LLC is a leading provider of universal notification systems for sending time-sensitive information to mass audiences. The self-service, web-based system enables a single person to communicate timely information to thousands of people anywhere, anytime, on any device. It is ideal for announcing school closings, game cancellations, weather warnings, terrorist alerts, and marketing promotions. The system is built around a reliable text-messaging system that sends content directly to a mobile phone, as well as an email address, web page, pager or wired phone.  The privately held company is located in Leesburg, VA and online at