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RainedOut Enhances AboomA’s League Management System by Integrating Award-Winning Text Messaging Service

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AboomA’s sporting communities stay informed without the need to check a hotline, email or webpage


Omnilert®, LLC, maker of RainedOut™, the leading text message service for sports leagues and events, today announced that AboomA Technologies, LLC has chosen RainedOut’s award-winning free text messaging service to integrate into AboomA’s League Management System (LMS). AboomA’s league administrators now have the ability to instantly notify all their registered users via SMS text messages of game cancellations, field changes, and other timely news. Now athletes, parents, fans, and others can stay informed of urgent news without the need to check a hotline, email or webpage.

This integration also means AboomA clients and registered users no longer need to sign-up on RainedOut’s site separately. In addition, AboomA league administrators now have the ability to quickly and conveniently notify parks and recreation departments that work closely with the leagues.

“The RainedOut texting service adds a time-critical communication option to our League Management Platform,” said Andy Meister, president of AboomA Technologies, LLC. “This gives league administrators and commissioners from youth leagues all over the country the ability to send messages instantaneously to parents about game cancellations, schedule changes and field changes seamlessly.”

Jim Fitzmaurice is director of development at RainedOut and said, “RainedOut’s industry leading alerting system will enable AboomA to better serve its customers by enhancing their community-driven technology. The new partnership facilitates an easier registration process for AboomA users that need the convenience of text alerts. Plus it makes league administrator's jobs less hectic by making communication quick and easy.”

About AboomA
AboomA Technologies, LLC designs, develops and hosts internet applications for athletic clubs, organizations and associations. By leveraging the power of the internet, social networking and strategic partnerships, AboomA has developed a comprehensive offering to address the distinctive challenges faced by today’s adult and youth community athletic leagues, including social networking, league management, training and community portal access. (www.abooma.com)

About RainedOut
Established in 2004 and used by 1,000s of organizations, award-winning RainedOut is the leading text message service for sports leagues, groups and events. This free sponsor-supported service enables non-technical people to administer and send custom or predefined messages instantly to the entire community for improved communication. It is used to cancel events, give directions, recruit volunteers, and much more. As a Web-based service, messages can initiate from a net-connected PC or from the field using a net-connected cell phone. Through one simple interface, RainedOut instantly and simultaneously broadcasts messages to subscribers’ mobile phones (via SMS text message) and e-mail accounts, and to the organizations’ own Web pages, RainedOut Page, Facebook Page, and Twitter Account. To learn more, visit http://www.RainedOut.com.

About Omnilert
Omnilert, LLC is the leading provider of unified mass notification systems for better business continuity, emergency management, and routine communication. The easy-to-use, self-service, Web-based system enables a single person to communicate timely information to thousands of people anywhere, anytime, on any device or service. The award-winning company's 3,000 clients include the U.S. Army, Boeing, Mazda, sanofi-aventis, Harvard University, Penn State, American Red Cross, and UNICEF. Omnilert solutions are sold under the brand names e2Campus, Amerilert, and RainedOut. The privately held company is headquartered in Leesburg, Va., and at http://www.omnilert.com online.

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Emergency Communications & Notifications, Emergency Planning & Preparation, Automating Emergency Notifications

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