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emergency preparedness
OmnilertApr 10, 2014 8:06:49 AM1 min read

Philadelphia organizations learn about emergency preparedness

Events geared toward promoting emergency preparedness can help agencies and individuals to get ready for crisis scenarios. A number of Philadelphia-based organizations recently benefited from a workshop dedicated to methods for preparing for disasters, according to CBS Philly.

Elizabeth Lewis, a representative of the Philadelphia managing director's Office of Emergency Management, spoke at the event and provided pointers to other participants. A checklist was offered to attendees, which detailed things that people should have in their hands, homes and heads during crisis scenarios.

"We try to get people to have their family emergency plan, their family emergency kit, and to prepare for any kind of emergencies," Lewis said.

Joe Rovnan, detective for the Philadelphia police department's Bureau of Counterterrorism, advised participants to be wary of unusual circumstances, using the Boston Marathon as an occasion for reflection.

"If it's suspicious to you and it tickles your senses, it's something you should report," Rovnan said.

The event was held before a sizable storm hit the area, giving attendees occasion to take what they learned to heart and implement their newly acquired preparatory knowledge.

Community officials can facilitate crisis preparedness efforts by implementing emergency notification systems, such as Omnilert, that enable quick communication during disasters.