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Pennsylvania community to be included in emergency preparedness

Both government and private organizations take steps to prepare for crises, but citizen participation is also crucial. A Pennsylvania based organization is starting a program that seeks to promote community involvement in emergency preparedness efforts, according to Trib Live.

Clairton will be the site of an endeavor by the Conscience Group Corp. to improve the community's ability to bounce back when disaster strikes. The organization will be establishing the base of operations for their Disaster Resiliency Emergency Management Awareness program at Clairton City Hall and remain in the city through the end of 2014.

The socioeconomic environment makes Clairton a fitting venue for an inquiry into community interest in emergency preparedness participation. Clairton has struggled with increasing use of narcotics and economic difficulties. Crisis response can be affected by recurring problems with local crime and financial disparities between citizens, said David Adams, Conscience Group Corp. president.

The group's program aims to develop the Clairton community's ability to respond to disasters while monitoring the project's progress along the way.

"This is another way of looking at civic responsibility. We include our children, our senior citizens. Everyone plays a role in a whole community becoming more resilient. It's a cultural change, and it impacts our safety," Adams said.

Community efforts to prepare for crises can be supplemented by the use of an alert and notification system that uses emergency messaging from Omnilert.  These tools help communities stay informed before, during and after emergencies to keep everyone safe and prepared.

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