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emergency preparedness
OmnilertAug 20, 2013 12:45:11 PM3 min read

Officials ramping up emergency preparedness efforts

Emergency preparedness is a crucial element to ensure that people are safe during disasters. Recently, public officials have been emphasizing the necessity of having crisis plans in place in the event of a dangerous scenario.


Representatives from local governments and emergency response agencies have been preparing for dire situations and urging the public to do the same. Additionally, some groups are researching what steps people are taking to prepare for danger. 

Hurricane preparedness in Georgia

States along the Atlantic Ocean must be prepared for hurricanes as the 2013 season promises to be an active one.


According to The Telegraph, emergency planners in Georgia are taking every possible precaution before the first major storm makes landfall this year. For instance, the Macon-Bibb Emergency Management Agency has been implementing new tools, including digital maps and video walls, to monitor potential hazardous conditions. These steps were taken after a 1994 hurricane caused the Ocmulgee River to crest at 35.4 feet and a 2008 tornado caused massive damage.  


"We're more prepared today than we have been from 2008 and 1994. Every day gets better," Don Druitt, the agency's director, told the news source. 


What's more, the organization has installed a communications system to ensure that it can receive breaking information during power outages. Thanks to new computers, a satellite and a back-up generator, the agency won't be affected by blackouts in the Macon area. 


County conducting a survey

The Daily News reports that the Wahkiakum County Department of Emergency Management is asking residents to take a short emergency preparedness survey. The agency wants to determine how ready the county is for natural disasters and has decided to ask residents if they have taken adequate precautions. People will receive the questionnaire through the mail, but can also send responses online. 


The feedback will be key to determining what steps have to be taken to keep residents safe. The answers will be shared with first responders so they "understand how to address residents' needs and concerns in the event of an emergency."


Additionally, developing a strategy for efficient emergency messaging is one of the department's goals in conducting this survey. Omnilert can ensure that local agencies can communicate with residents through phone calls, emails and text message alerts. What's more, the platform also posts emergency information on social networks. Having a reliable communications tool like Omnilert is critical to safety during a disaster.