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Emergency Preparedness
OmnilertMar 31, 2014 2:17:03 PM1 min read

New Hampshire Officials Call for Emergency Preparedness

Extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on communities when they are caught off-guard. At a recent meeting, New Hampshire officials discussed how their city handled the area's latest winter onslaught and ways that response capabilities could be improved for future incidents, according to the Pelham Reporter.

In the wake of a severe January blizzard, Pelham administrators came up with a laundry list of methods for increasing winter storm preparedness. For instance, Eddy Jowers, Director of Pelham Public Works, suggested blending salt into the city's sand reserve to help reduce ice on streets.


Pelham Civic Complex Director Danny Tate, called for an emergency generator, medical and security personnel for shelter scenarios at the PCC and additional bedding for shelter tenants.


Pelham Police Chief Tommy Thomas put forward a number of requests, including chargers and batteries for radios, a police department stove for long term emergency response scenarios and studded tires. Thomas' priority, however, is increasing the city's supply of four-wheel drive vehicles.


"We had seven of our guys come in with their own four-wheel-drive vehicles," Thomas said. "The first thing on my wish list is more four-wheel-drive vehicles."


To maintain communication during winter storms, officials may consider using emergency alert systems.