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OmnilertJun 1, 2009 10:37:02 AM4 min read

K-12 Schools Select e2Campus for Parent Notification System

Public and private K-12 schools improve parent communication and outreach.



Some of the public, private and independent K-12 schools that have recently implemented an e2Campus parent notification system include The Bryn Mawr School, Cheshire Academy, Child Development Academy at Marshall University, Malvern Preparatory School, Seattle Country Day School, Smethport Area School District, St. Paul's School, Warren County Schools, and others.


George Romanowski, Superintendent of Smethport Area School District in Smethport, Pa. said, “For school emergencies, e2Campus text and voice messages eliminate the need for a phone tree. The most invaluable piece is notifying parents during the school day of emergencies and early dismissals. We can quickly get the message to them at work so they can make arrangements for sons and daughters arriving home a couple hours early. The parents’ feedback has been very very positive.”


“e2Campus is the most straight forward, simple-to-use system that we reviewed. I’ve had no problem using my laptop from home to close school at 5:30 a.m. It’s been very effective with instantaneous messages. We can alert one elementary school’s staff and parents or alert the general population. The principals find it easy to use for cancellations and rain outs.


“On April 1st during the FDA food warning on pistachios, we alerted all parents that the pistachio salad on the menu would not be served that day. This was very timely and probably saved us from many phones calls from concerned parents.


“e2Campus also has templates so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I go to send a message. And, I can review the messages afterwards to look at delivery details.


Charlie Mitchell, Director of Community Life at Cheshire Academy in Cheshire, Conn. said, “In order to best provide a safe and supportive environment for our students and their families, we needed to keep up with modern technology. We know that the types of technology people use will only get bigger and e2Campus will be there for us as technology changes.”


Mr. Mitchell continued, “We like e2Campus because it’s so easy to use. The interface is really simple and this has been very helpful in getting out alerts. I’m not a computer guy at all and even I can use it. Thankfully we have only used it for snow closings and delays, but we know we have it if we need it for more serious situations.

“I got a number of calls and emails from parents who were so glad not to have to deal with watching a little scroll on TV and not have to wait for the alphabet to come around if they missed it. The parents were just as excited about the technology as the students.


“Even though we do not allow cell phones in classrooms, we’ve decided the odds are that enough people are going to get the alert and spread the alert that it’s worth it. And, once they turn on their phones they will get the alert. e2Campus adds a layer that genuinely helps kids stay connected in a way that keeps them safer.


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