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Sending accurate notifications during emergencies

No business is immune to disaster. Weather events, workplace violence, fires - these types of emergencies can affect any type of business at any time, without warning. It is enough to keep an operations manager or an executive up at night, worrying about what could go wrong.

What if your business is in the aviation or hospitality industry where the potential risks are higher and world-class service is expected? The challenge to reach many geographically dispersed people simultaneously with a well-crafted, accurate, and informative message is real. Conquering these challenges so your team has peace of mind through planning is exactly what ProJet has accomplished.

Through proper planning and integration, ProJet has mapped scenarios from their preparedness plan to their emergency notification system. Their results are what we all seek - increased peace of mind for those responsible for safety; allowing the larger team to focus on what they do best - providing world-class service to their customers. And when an emergency does happen unexpectedly - the team can respond efficiently and accurately; with confidence.


To learn more, read the ProJet case study.