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emergency preparedness
OmnilertJun 22, 2014 6:42:58 AM3 min read

How to prepare for Godzilla's arrival

Godzilla has been reportedly seen in theaters around the country over the last couple of weeks, and while these sightings have contained to the silver screen for now, it is never to early to start preparing for his arrival.

OK, so maybe we're blowing this a bit out of proportion. We have yet to see a bona​ fide Godzilla attack on any of our nation's cities, but hey, you never know! Any resilient city or office should be prepared for a number of different emergencies - including an attack from a 400 foot monster. By following these steps, and implementing a critical mass communication system, you can be sure that your are well prepared for Godzilla's arrival, or any other kind of city or building wide disaster.

1. Plan ahead
Now that we've warned you about the rise in Godzilla sightings, you can take measures to prepare for the event before it happens. Create a series of potential scenarios in order to make sure that your coworkers know what to do in the event of his arrival. One of the most critical components of this is implementing a sound communication system with a wide reach.

Once you've created these scenarios, the next step is to practice. While the day that Godzilla arrives at your office may never come, it is always important to be prepared. By running Godzilla drills ahead of time, you can rest assured your coworkers will be prepared should that day arrive.

2. Use omni-channel communication
Communication has changed a lot since 1954, when Godzilla first began terrorizing the city of Tokyo. Email, social media, text messages, phone calls and other forms of communication have all become vital ways in which people interact, and are essential for the implementation of a critical mass communication system.

Everyone has their own unique preference and in different circumstances, some may be better than others. By being able to reach people through these different platforms, you can better make people aware of a situation, be it a large reptilian monster, or something more minor, such as a server coming offline.

3. Assess and restrategize
While recurring Godzilla attacks are not all to frequent, it is likely that there will be other, more minor instances when your need to use your emergency communication system. After these events, look at what worked and what didn't to make improvements to your system. This way, in the event that Godzilla does arrive, you can be sure that you're company is prepared.

Obviously, we're kidding about a Godzilla attack, but emergency communication systems are no joking matter. They are essential to maintaining company safety and efficiency, so by following these steps you can ensure that your company is prepared for any kind of an event.