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Anonymous Tips
OmnilertAug 22, 2012 1:13:22 PM3 min read

Hitchcock ISD Deploys Tipping to Deter Bullying and Crime

Anonymous tip system was setup and deployed in same day.

Hitchcock Independent School District in Hitchcock, Texas has deployed a revolutionary new anonymous tipping system that allows students to “text” in their tips to school principals. With a regular cell phone, students and others can submit tips simply by sending a standard text message to the school’s keyword. The district has one keyword for each school’s campus, plus another keyword for the district office. 


“We haven't had too many issues, but we are trying to be proactive about bullying,” said Chris Armacost, technology director at Hitchcock ISD. “I see uTip as a practical tool that can be used right away to do something about bullying, because most kids have cell phones these days.


“It gives students a relevant way to make a difference. They can report anything they see, whether it’s bullying, drugs, or whatever. And, they can report things anonymously, so they don't have to worry about their friends seeing them go into the office.


“It’s easy to use, and it’s easy to setup. I rolled out the whole system the same day I signed up. I had all of the posters made, the keywords made, and had our contacts tied to the different keywords. I gave each school their own posters, to display them on their front and back doors as well as emailed each school the fliers they could print off and keep in the office. The fliers were also available to parents and students at our town fair.


“We setup five keywords, one for each of our four campuses, plus one for the district office. We anticipate district tips from parents or teachers that are looking for help but aren’t getting it or don’t know where to turn for help.

“It’s another tool that districts can use to communicate with students and hopefully get feedback from them as a reliable source on stuff that is happening on the campuses. We are looking forward to it.”


About uTip – The Bully Buster
Already in place at schools around the country, uTip – The Bully Buster is the award-winning revolutionary “Bully Deterrent System” that combines technology with psychology to decrease bullying and crime at school. uTip technology uses SMS text messaging to put the power in the palm of students’ hands – enabling them to discreetly and anonymously report a situation immediately, so schools can respond quickly. Plus, uTip includes free promotional materials for the school to inform tipsters while sending a warning to would-be bullies. uTip is the most relevant and effective way to gain on-the-spot information from students about bullying. Results are guaranteed. Sign up before August 31, 2012 to receive a one-year free pilot program.