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emergency communications
David WadeJan 5, 2015 8:38:19 AM1 min read

New Year's Goals for Emergency Communication

Happy New Year Omnilerters!


The new year is upon us and we hope you take a moment to reflect upon your successes last year.


For most people, this week is the official launch of many New Years resolutions.   Exercise more, eat a healthier diet, lose the 10 lbs accumulated during the holiday season, spend more time with family, and so on.  


Have you had a chance to consider your emergency communications goals?


If you are running short on possible resolutions or goals to achieve this year, may we humbly suggest the following emergency communication-related items:


  • Review, or create an Emergency Action Plan.
  • Review and test your Emergency Notification System (ENS ) operability and procedures.
  • Train your ENS administrators.
  • Work to increase the adoption rate for the ENS on your campus or business.
  • Incorporate more Social Media channels for alerts involving the public.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with your ENS vendor.
  • Avoid message saturation by sending fewer non-critical messages.
  • Pre-plan communication scenarios for possible events.
  • Increase your ENS coverage by utilizing the multiple-modality interfaces available to you.


We wish everyone a safe and happy 2015!


David Wade

David is the Salesforce Administrator for Omnilert. His professional interests include data management, market research, and customer care. When not working, David is an avid hiker and backcountry explorer.