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Gartner ranks Omnilert’s emergency notification system in top 5

New analysis includes the company in the top tier for “ability to execute”.


Gartner, Inc. ranked Omnilert’s emergency mass notification systems (EMNS) in the top five for ability to execute. Gartner also described the system’s intuitive user interface as “simple, very clean and easy-to-use administrative UI designed for fast message delivery appeals to small enterprises and unskilled operators.”


In Gartner’s report titled “Magic Quadrant for U.S. Emergency/Mass Notification Services” published on March 8, Gartner says “the ‘Ability to Execute’ is ranked according to a vendor's ability to provide to the market an EMNS product that meets customer feature/function capability requirements, as well as their ability to deliver and service the product with a high level of service guarantee and customer support.”


Gartner describes Omnilert’s pricing model as “simple and affordable” and ranks them as one of only a handful of vendors categorized as an “EMNS/BCM-Focused Vendor.” The report also says Omnilert’s year-over-year performance “shows better-than-average increases in average deal size and excellent growth in revenue.”


“It is validating to learn from this report that Omnilert's level of growth is more than double the industry average,” said Ara Bagdasarian, CEO of Omnilert. “Our multimodal delivery network is incredibly powerful, yet the user experience is designed to be highly intuitive. In fact, little or no training is required in order to create and deliver emergency messages to dozens of endpoints. This unique combination is ideal for most education, corporate, government, healthcare and non-profit organizations.”

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