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OmnilertAug 13, 2007 8:54:42 AM3 min read

Omnilert Calls Traditional Phones, Satellite, Mobile and VoIP Phones

The new enhancements include message confirmation and more automated tools


From the Governors Campus Security Conference, Omnilert, LLC, maker of the leading emergency notification system for higher education, today announced the release of Omnilert version 2.4. A major new enhancement to the service includes the ability for the system to call phones and broadcast a message that recipients can listen to and reply with confirmation that the message was received. Another new feature, called SEED, ensures 100% alert coverage of all campus users from day one – whether they have opted-in to the alerts or not. This new version will enable a greater broadcast of time-sensitive communication to reach ALL students, faculty and staff whether they are in class, at home, or at their office desk.


Now any authorized campus official can conveniently push an urgent message to the campus Web site, to all digital visual displays, alert beacons, and loudspeakers around campus, and to the phones, mobile phones, email accounts, and RSS readers of the entire campus community.


Major New Features

  • Text-to-Voice: Broadcasts a voice message to phones that enables confirmation of message received
  • SEED: Automatically sends an email to all users with a school email account without opt-in required
  • Auto Opt-Out: Automatically removes a person from notifications with user-defined expiration date
  • NetID Match: Automatically inserts schools existing username/password from LDAP, Active Directory, or UserID for a subscriber into Omnilert
  • Domain Authentication: SmartCode only appears on authorized pre-defined URLs

Availability and Pricing
As a hosted solution or Software as a Service (SaaS), Omnilert 2.4 is available immediately. All institutions purchasing the new Omnilert Voice service must also have Omnilert Text service. The Omnilert Text service costs about $1 per user per year, depending on the total number of recipients to be covered. Omnilert Voice service plans start at $841 per year.


About Omnilert, LLC
Omnilert, LLC is the leading provider of selective mass communications for sending time-sensitive information to large groups of people. The self-service, Web-based system enables a single person to communicate timely information to thousands of people anywhere, anytime, on any device. It is ideal for announcing school closings, game cancellations, weather warnings, terrorist alerts, and marketing promotions. The system is built around a reliable SMS text messaging system that sends content directly to a mobile phone, traditional phone, e-mail address, Web page, RSS reader, digital sign, alert beacon, or loudspeaker. The privately held company is headquartered in Leesburg, Va., and at online.