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OmnilertAug 13, 2007 8:52:42 AM2 min read

Omnilert Broadcasts to Whelen Outdoor Loudspeaker Systems

From the Governors Campus Security Conference, Omnilert is now partners with Whelen Engineering to enable the Omnilert emergency alert system to broadcast voice announcements over Whelen Mass Outdoor Notification Systems.

This new integration gives campus administrators a centralized interface for announcing emergency information to campus loudspeakers, digital signs, alert beacons, websites, phones, mobile phones, e-mail accounts, and RSS readers accessible to visitors, students, faculty and staff.


The new service enables authorized administrators to use a net-connected mobile phone or PC from any location on or off campus to produce live public address announcements on wall-mounted or roof-mounted outdoor loudspeakers, PA systems, or giant voice systems. Anyone within earshot of the loudspeaker will hear the message, regardless of opting in to the Omnilert system. Certain systems can be heard from a mile away.


About Whelen
Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. is the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of mass notification voice warning systems. The company has over 30 years of experience, with installations ranging from a small community college campus to an entire national warning system. The specially designed battery-operated electronic warning system provides a choice of siren tones to alert the public, followed by a clear and intelligible voice message (pre-recorded or live Public Address) to inform and direct the public. The system provides warning and vital information before and after an emergency situation and does not require recipients to own or maintain a device to receive the information. All parts and components are designed and manufactured in the USA. The privately held company is headquartered in Chester, Conn., and at online.