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OmnilertApr 7, 2009 10:47:40 AM2 min read

e2Campus adds ActiveAccess desktop alerts

You can simultaneously push pop-up emergency alerts to every Mac & PC desktop at the same time as mass text messages, emails and phone calls are broadcast.


ActiveAccess is the newest endpoint in a growing network of third party technologies that interface with e2Campus. Now that ActiveAccess is an e2Campus Certified Endpoint Provider (CEP), e2Campus clients who have ActiveAccess installed can quickly and easily connect to ActiveAccess.


This new integration allows clients to send e2Campus alerts automatically and simultaneously to the school's computer desktops as a pop-up alert or text crawl without the need for logging into ActiveAccess separately. This also means students who haven't enrolled in e2Campus will still get the alerts through school computers with the ActiveAccess service.


John Casey, Vice President of Business Development at Omnilert said, “The computer desktop is a critical endpoint for e2Campus to reach because a pop-up alert will interrupt a person from whatever they are doing and force them to read the urgent news. This is vital in classroom or office settings when people are deeply focused on something and may not receive an alert otherwise until it’s too late.”


The ActiveAccess desktop solution is a non-intrusive, light-weight application that requires about as much memory as a single webpage. It can operate in any computer environment and does not interfere with campus servers or network environments. Once installed, the application sits quietly in the desktop tray. When an event does occur, campus officials can issue scrolling text alerts or graphical alerts that are delivered to the application within a few minutes after issuance. Alerts appear in front of any other open programs so they are not missed.


Tom Buono, SpectraRep CEO said, “We are pleased to be collaborating with e2Campus to bring their emergency notification system to the computer desktop. Communicating under emergency situations with a large campus population at any hour of the day is critical; especially when a desktop or laptop computer is often-times the single technology students and staff operate round-the-clock. Our combined systems will provide a comprehensive solution for campuses to secure the well being of their students, faculty and staff.”