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disaster preparedness
OmnilertApr 23, 2014 6:57:24 AM1 min read

Diverse Organizations Attend Disaster Preparedness Event

Disaster preparedness programs need to include procedures for maintaining communication during emergencies, whether through an alert and notification system or other means. Local administrators, crisis agency members and telephone service provider representatives met in McLean, Va., to discuss methods for getting ready for disasters, according to Inside Nova.

Kenneth Mallette, executive director of the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, highlighted the importance of effective communications for responding to emergencies in light of the fact that various communities within an area operate autonomously.

AT&T participated in the event along with one of its collaborators, National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. During the conference, Laurel Pitman of Texas Task Force 2 showed an audience the dexterity of her black Labrador, Sonic.

A variety of measures are needed to prepare for crises across districts, because emergencies do not stop at official borders.

"Disasters do not discriminate," said Mallette. "Disasters do not recognize jurisdictions. Disasters are equal-opportunity offenders."

Others, such as David Rohrer, deputy county executive for public safety, suggested that administrators work with local shop owners to devise methods for facilitating recovery in the wake of an emergency.

In order to promote communication during crises, officials can implement emergency notification systems, such as Omnilert. With the platform, administrators can send real-time messages to citizens and responders informing them of dangerous scenarios.