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Virginia Community College Addresses Public Safety

CVCC considering the text messaging system for student recruitment.


Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) has activated the Omnilert mass notification system to raise public safety for the entire campus community. CVCC is using the web-based service to communicate urgent news to students, faculty and staff whether recipients are in class, on campus, or miles away.


John K. Poole, VP of Finance for CVCC explains, “As a relatively new user of Omnilert, our focus has been on getting public safety or emergency communications out to everyone instantly no matter where they may be, and it works wonderfully. CVCC is considering other uses for Omnilert including its use as a tool for recruiting prospective students. Communicating with them is vital and Omnilert may prove to be a simple, inexpensive way to reach them.”


How It Works
Using Omnilert centralized interface, a CVCC school official types a message, selects the groups to receive the message, and then presses a button to send it. Within seconds, the message is simultaneously sent to thousands of relevant people via the method each recipient chose to receive it, such as a mobile phone (SMS text message), Blackberry, personal or school email account, RSS feed, or relevant school web pages.

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