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OmnilertOct 27, 2011 4:25:47 AM2 min read

Bully Buster text-a-tip service helps schools stop bullying

Free service to honor National Bullying Awareness Month.


During Bullying Prevention Awareness Month in October, e2Campus announced it will be offering free one-year licenses of its bully buster service called “uTip” for the remainder of the calendar year. The uTip anti-bullying solution offers students an easy and discrete way to instantly alert school officials to bullying simply by sending an anonymous text message. It is the most effective way to gain real-time information from students about bullying. The service is free to all who use it, but standard text messaging charges may apply.


“If we can speak their language better, we can help them better,” said Principal Josh Chambers at Glenbard East High School located in the Chicago area. “It’s no surprise students prefer to ‘text’ rather than call, email, submit a web tip, or speak up personally. They carry their cell phones with them everywhere. Now if they see something, they can say something. It’s relevant. It’s discrete. And, it works fast.


“We know we will be able to help kids in ways we couldn’t before. We are very excited to be one of the first in the country to implement it.”


About uTip – The Bully Buster
The uTip Bully Buster is the most effective way to gain on-the-spot information from students about bullying. The service is easy to set up and can be used instantly. uTip allows students to report tips confidentially, without fear of retaliation from other students. Almost all students have cell phones and texting capabilities, keeping it within their comfort zone. Students can text from anywhere at any time, 24/7, without the stress of speaking directly to a school administrator.

The uTip service works on any cell phone and does not require an app to use. First, each school visits a secure web site to create their own “mobile keyword” such as “tipwildcats”. Then the school promotes their keyword and short code 79516 to everyone at school, including parents. Students can add 79516 in their mobile phone book or contacts for quick reference. Once a tip is texted to the school, select officials are instantly notified of tips via text message or email. The service is so fast; officials can catch bullies in the act. To learn more, visit