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OmnilertMar 31, 2010 9:52:07 AM3 min read

BRG is now an Omnilert Certified Endpoint Provider

Wireless indoor speaker systems and fire alarm interface now broadcast e2Campus alerts automatically.


From booth #P525 at the Campus Safety Conference, Omnilert today announced that BRG Precision Products, Inc. has become the newest e2Campus Certified Endpoint Provider (CEP). BRG’s wireless indoor speakers and fire alarm interface are now easily configurable to automatically receive and broadcast e2Campus alerts. This integration helps schools during an emergency or crisis to alert students, faculty, staff, visitors and others not subscribed to the e2Campus emergency notification system. It also helps schools comply with ADA Standards by simultaneously alerting the visually impaired.


The new connection allows clients to send e2Campus alerts through BRG’s wireless infrastructure without the need for accessing BRG’s control program separately. This shortens the delivery time and increases the accuracy of emergency announcements to the client’s entire facility or campus.


Jim Johnson is the Risk Manager at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and has implemented both e2Campus and BRG products. Mr. Johnson said, “Now that our BRG wireless speakers are certified to integrate with e2Campus, we are certainly going to look into connecting them for easier operation during an emergency. We use BRG’s wireless audio driver to interface with our existing fire alarm systems that provide voice capabilities. For our buildings with fire alarm systems that do not have voice capability, it was more cost effective for us to install BRG’s wireless speakers.”


“e2Campus alerts can be heard in more places now that we’re a CEP,” says Michael Garven, Director of Sales for BRG Precision Products. “Within moments of issuing an alert on e2Campus, our BRG products will use a reliable licensed UHF radio frequency to broadcast that same alert. It allows public safety officers and school officials to reach more people in more places on campus.”


e2Campus clients who employ BRG products can quickly and easily connect e2Campus to BRG’s control program. There are no additional fees from e2Campus for the connection. e2Campus clients interested in BRG’s products should contact their e2Campus account manager for details. One BRG wireless indoor speaker sells for about $525.


About BRG Precision Products
BRG provides a turnkey EMC solution from system design and manufacturing to installation and system support. BRG serves a variety of markets including the federal government, corporations, higher education, healthcare, and K-12. BRG provides outdoor broadcast systems, wireless indoor speakers, wireless message boards, and the interoperability that allows clients to utilize existing fire alarm systems, PA systems, outdoor broadcast systems and text messaging systems. The BRG EMC System includes content creation and management software updates at no additional charge. To learn more, please call 800-295-0220 or visit See BRG at booth #522.