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OmnilertAug 21, 2008 11:25:50 AM2 min read

Arizona State Switches to Omnilert for Emergency Notifications

Plus new ENS Conversion Service allows schools to upload data from previous ENS into Omnilert at no extra charge.


Arizona State University, King’s College, University of Toledo, and other institutions have made the switch to Omnilert for improved multimodal emergency communications. Omnilert also announced a new program called the ENS Conversion Service that allows schools to bulk upload data from their previous emergency notification system into Omnilert at no extra charge.


Paul Moran, Executive Director of IITS at King’s College said, “We upgraded to Omnilert because it gives us a centralized interface to broadcast emergency alerts to our campus PA system, our web page, and as SMS text messages, voice calls, RSS feeds, and emails. It helps us cover all our bases because Omnilert automatically broadcasts to everyone’s email address and the PA system whether people have opted-in or not. Their solid reputation and long history of reliability makes me feel confident we made the right choice with Omnilert.”


Arizona State University also recently switched to Omnilert from another provider. Adrian Sannier, Vice President and University Technology Officer, stated, “Omnilert allows ASU to provide both emergency notifications to the ASU Community as well as other messages for a variety of campus services. This kind of flexibility becomes increasingly important as the population of college communities like ASU become progressively mobile.”


Ara Bagdasarian, President of Omnilert, LLC, said, “We have received numerous calls from colleges and universities that want to upgrade to Omnilert. Because we require recipients to opt-in to receive alerts, these schools were concerned about going through the collection process again. With our new ENS Conversion Service, clients can now import data from their existing ENS into Omnilert free of charge.”


The ENS Conversion Service allows schools to upload vetted data from their existing emergency notification system into Omnilert at no extra charge. Under the new program, Omnilert will waive the requirement for subscriber opt-in and waive the fee for an Omnilert technical engineer to manage the database uploads.