Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I opt-out, cancel, or remove myself from receiving alerts?

Please log into your account to opt-out of alerts. Contact your organization directly if you need help. You may opt-out of email alerts only, SMS alerts only, voice alerts only, or the entire service. If you cannot log into your account, you can simply reply to any text message from us with the word “STOP” and only the word “STOP” to cancel text alerts. If you have no text messages to reply to, send a text message with “STOP” to the appropriate short code: 84483, 79516, 50911 or 70359.

Q: Will this cost me anything?

Probably not. Our systems send standard text messages, calls and/or email. Standard text message charges may apply from your wireless provider, depending on your text message plan. If you have an unlimited text messaging plan, then there would be no additional charge. Organizations pay for our service, not their recipients. We will never charge individuals for premium messages or services.

Q: How do I sign up for my group’s alerts?

There is no signup on this website and you cannot sign up by contacting us. To sign up for alerts, follow the unique instructions provided by your organization on their website or email invitation.  If you cannot locate this, please contact Omnilert support.

Q: I didn’t sign up for anything, but I received a text with a “validation code”. Why is that?

When subscribers add a new cell phone number for Omnilert alerts, we send a 4-digit validation code to that phone. They can’t complete the sign up without that code. So, if someone accidentally typed in your phone number instead of their own, you might get a text with their code. Don’t worry, you aren’t signed up for anything. There’s no action needed because they can’t complete registration without that unique 4-digit code.

Q: How do I access or change my account settings?

There is no access to your account from this website. Please search for emergency alert login access or instructions on your group’s website or email invitation. If you cannot locate this, please contact Omnilert support.

Q: What if I forget my username or password?

On your organization’s alert login page, just below their unique login fields, there is a link to click if you “forgot username?” or “forgot password?”.  Follow one of these links to reset your credentials.  It will send your credentials to your registered phone or email address. If you cannot locate this, or if you no longer have access to the phone or email address you previously registered, please contact Omnilert support.

Q: What is an emergency notification system?

A platform for an organization to deliver a message to an entire audience by all means necessary; therefore creating comprehensive coverage to increase the odds that a particular subscriber received the message in a timely manner. Subscribers that opt-in for the message can select the device(s) they want to be contacted by. Organizations can select the devices or services available for the subscribers to choose from.

Q: What is a notification?

A notification is defined as a form of communication that delivers descriptive information about news or an event, unlike a bell or siren that communicates little information.

Q: What exactly is Omnilert?

Omnilert is a critical mass communication system that allows designated administrators to send time-sensitive messages to the mobile phones, land lines, email, and/or pagers of their subscribers, plus other endpoints such as desktop alerts, loudspeakers, and social media. In the event of an emergency, subscribers can get notified immediately of the situation, wherever they are.

Q: Do I need to install software and/or hardware in order to run Omnilert?

NO. Omnilert is a 100% web-based software system, so you do not need any additional software or hardware. All you need is a web browser with an Internet connection and you are up and running. You can look at Omnilert as a Public Safety “Utility”- always on and ready for action.

Q: Will any party receive unsolicited messages (“SPAM”) on their mobile phones?

NO. Omnilert enforces a ZERO SPAM policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages, and Omnilert does not sell the contact information of our subscribers to third party marketers.

Q: Will this system send SMS messages to all cell phone carriers? If so, how does that work?

Yes. The Omnilert gateway sends the SMS text messages to the wireless carriers via a standard protocol. Omnilert is a cross-carrier service. See a list of wireless carriers supported here.

Q: Does your system work on Macs? We are a Mac shop and our server is a Linux box. We don’t use Windows PC computers at all.

Yes, Omnilert is all web-based, so any computer (PC, Mac, Linux, smart phone, BlackBerry, etc.) with a web browser can control the system.

Q: Do you have an App I can download for my iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry (from iTunes, Google Play, etc.)?

Omnilert has something even better. It’s a Mobile Web App included free with your service and it never needs to be downloaded, updated or scanned for viruses. Once you bookmark your Admin page from your mobile browser and create an icon on your phone screen, you will have instant access to the most powerful critical communication system on the planet.


If you need additional help, you may request support or contact us.