Investing in those who improve our communities

As the leader in community-based communication technology, Omnilert is committed to supporting and investing in our community through organizations that help others, supplement education, and elevate quality of life.   Omnilert provides support for programs and organizations in the form of monetary grants, service donations, and employee volunteerism. When you invest in Omnilert, you invest in the community.


Monetary Grants
Omnilert supports organizations who work to improve our community by providing needed services that are otherwise unmet. To be considered for monetary support, please send written request to:

Omnilert, LLC
ATTN: Omnilert Community Investment
525-K East Market Street #232
Leesburg, VA 20176

Service Donations (full and partial)
Today, over 15,000 organizations including universities, corporations, government, media, sports, and military depend on the Omnilert Network™. In qualifying situations, Omnilert will grant a service donation to organizations who improve communities and require mass communications, however are unable to due to financial situations.


2016 Recipients

  • Bluemont Concert Series
  • Building Homes for Heroes
  • Camp Special Love
  • Cradle Beach Camp
  • Clery Center for Security on Campus
  • Dr. Q/Johns Hopkins
  • Helping Children Worldwide
  • Loudoun Symphony Orchestra
  • Loudoun Interfaith
  • Paxton Manor
  • St. Jude Children’s Hospital
  • United Way
  • USO
  • VTV Family Outreach Foundation