R.D. Scinto Inc.

444x573 Cover image - Case Study - RDScinto.pngR.D. Scinto builds tenant loyalty with proactive emergency communication.

R.D Scinto Inc.

LOCATION: Fairfield, CT

COVERAGE SCOPE: 30+ commercial buildings, 235 commercial tenants, 8,000 employees, and 3 million square feet of office and industrial space.

CHALLENGE: Creating a cell phone connected emergency notification system that would enable the real estate property management firm to reliably deliver vital information to tenants during any type of natural or man-made emergency.

SOLUTION: Omnilert

RESULTS: R.D. Scinto completely fulfilled its service commitment to tenants and was universally praised for the helpful and supportive services it provided during the hurricanes. With help from Omnilert, R.D. Scinto actually increased customer loyalty and added about 70 new tenants.