eBook: The Most Important Minute

400x320 Cover image - eBook - The Most Important Minute

The speed and accuracy of information and the initiated actions during the first minute of an emergency will impact the outcome.

In this eBook we will review three core elements to any communications plan that need to happen during the first minute of a verified incident


  1. Notify your people - Providing the information necessary to keep people out of harm’s way is paramount to any emergency response and it needs to happen immediately.  

  2. Mobilize additional resources - Including first responders in your communications is fundamental so you know you are receiving proper backup.

  3. Collaborate with your team - Discuss the next steps of the incident response with members of your Crisis Communication Team


Emergencies don’t make plans, but you can. When every second counts, there is no room for human error. Omnilert does its job, so you can do yours.