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Planning and Critical Communications

Eric Polovich

We’ve recently been discussing ‘the Most Important Minute’ - that first minute during a crisis situation when every second counts. Since emergencies can be frantic and emotional by nature, what you do during the first minute of a crisis can severely impact the outcome. That is why it is essential to plan well in advance and be ready to execute your Emergency Response Plan, and critical communications should definitely be a part of that plan.

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Emergency Communications & Notifications, Emergency Planning & Preparation

6 Simple Guidelines for Effective Emergency Procedures

Scott Howard

It’s nothing new to hear that preparation is critical to any emergency response. Like any organization, I’m sure hours, even days, have been spent crafting a plan for just about any occurrence, from a minor utility outage to a major storm or worse, an armed assailant on your grounds.

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Emergency Planning & Preparation

Testing critical communications systems: it’s not just about technology

Samantha Leland

For emergency managers, testing is a rehearsal for the unforeseen or even the unthinkable. This especially applies to critical communications that, if conducted properly, could save lives.

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Emergency Planning & Preparation

Failure is not an option. It’s inevitable.

Ara Bagdasarian

 Another clear case for multimodality.

Here’s a topic that can be uncomfortable for some to address, yet is too important to ignore:

Technology will fail.

Networks have outages.
Storms knock down phone lines.
Mobile carriers get overloaded.
Email gets delayed.
Power outages occur.
Cell towers get compromised.
ISPs have routing issues.

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Expert Q&A: Country Security Manager Bryan Ayers from GE-Alstom Power

Samantha Leland

The ‘Expert Q&A’ series highlights the experiences of practitioners and thought-leaders in the field of Emergency Management & Response.

Bryan Ayers is the Country Security Manager for GE-Alstom Power. 

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Expert Q&A, ENS Implementation & Management, Emergency Planning & Preparation

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