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New e2Campus 3.0 Unifies Disparate Emergency Alerting Systems into One Screen

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Plus new level of performance and reliability achieved through proprietary network


Omnilert®, LLC, maker of e2Campus®, the leading unified emergency notification system for education, today announced the release of e2Campus version 3.0. The new version unifies disparate emergency alerting systems and other campus assets into one management console for improved crisis communications. e2Campus now complies with the OASIS Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) version 1.1, the industry standard for exchanging emergency information between other CAP-compliant devices and services. Version 3.0 also operates on a new advanced architecture that has now become the industry benchmark for speed, reliability and scalability.

e2Campus 3.0 solves the challenge schools face today – how to utilize all available on-campus and off-campus communication channels during an emergency or crisis. Schools that utilize separate communication technologies find themselves with many challenges, because each technology has its own console, operators, procedures, politics, and contact data sets. This complexity makes it very tricky to coordinate a timely emergency response.

The new e2Campus 3.0 integrates with desktop pop-up alert systems, PA systems, mass text messaging and email systems, auto phone dialers, loudspeakers, fire alarms, digital signage, alert beacons, social media sites, and other existing communications infrastructure into one interface. This simplicity achieves an enormous savings in time, money, manpower, and risk. It leverages existing assets, simplifies alert activation, guarantees message consistency, consolidates recipient feedback, and ensures maximum exposure to the alert in a timely fashion.

e2Campus 3.0 is faster and more reliable than any other system on the market today. As the first company to offer an integrated emergency notification system for education, e2Campus has applied experience gained through years of ground breaking innovation. As part of the "extreme redundancy" initiative, e2Campus 3.0 runs on a nationwide network of geo-dispersed Tier-1 data centers, as well as multiple SMS, voice, email, and other third party services.

Nick Gustavsson, Chief Technology Officer at Omnilert, LLC explains, "The new 3.0 ecosystem of services and vendors is a game changer for the entire market. With over 70 domestic mobile carriers and over 60 partner products supporting e2Campus, the system is far more powerful than anything that has preceded it."

New Features in 3.0

  • Universal Send: send text and voice based alerts to all endpoints from one screen.
  • Network Services: enables advanced configuration of individual communication devices and services.
  • CAP 1.1 Compliant: enables easy interoperability with any other CAP-compliant system.
  • Live Network Status: real-time status informs sender which services are active before an alert is sent.
  • SmartCode Extensions: enables unlimited customization of integration between various systems.
  • Pre-written messages: write and save messages that are approved by lawyers, risk managers, copy editors, etc.
  • Pre-recorded messages: record messages in a calm and intelligible voice to be ready for potential scenarios.
  • Data Uploads: upload all contact information of individual recipients to speed implementation.
  • Import Functions: new layout and tools for batch updates to subscriber data.
  • Delivery Reports: allows sender to track message delivery and receipt in standard and detailed views.
  • Mobile Portal: provides streamlined, fast-loading interface for initiating alerts from mobile phones.
  • Quickstart Settings: configures account to most common settings for faster implementation.
  • Send by Service: allows sender to select which services (SMS, email, voice, etc.) to deliver the alert.
  • Advanced RSS: enables cancellation or defined expiration on alert-by-alert basis or with default setting.
  • Combined Groups: all text and voice services now use the same groups.
  • New Admin Roles: Super Admin, Group Admin, Content Admin, Support Admin, Maintenance Admin & custom.
  • Search Message History: aids in troubleshooting an individual contact.
  • Alias Control: ability to change the “message from” name across any service on an alert-by-alert basis.
  • Time Zones: control the time stamp on alerts to your time zone.
  • Custom Reminders: create custom notices to be sent to users 30-days prior to user account expiration.

e2Campus 3.0 provides detailed message delivery feedback across different modalities. Admins view real-time reports tracking the status of alerts to determine if they were received and which devices received them.

Authorized officials can trigger alerts from any Internet connected Mac, PC, PDA, iPhone, BlackBerry or smartphone. If that’s not possible, authorized senders call a toll free number and verbally provide proper credentials to initiate the alert. The call-in service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Notifications can be live or pre-scripted in text and voice formats to reach a multitude of devices and services:

  • Mobile phone (SMS text message)
  • Phone (voice message)
  • Desktop pop-up alert
  • Loudspeaker & PA system
  • Facebook & Twitter
  • LCD/plasma digital signage system
  • LED scrolling display
  • Alert beacon
  • School Web page
  • Email & RSS
  • Blue light emergency call box
  • Fire alarm & security system enunciator
  • MyYahoo, iGoogle, Windows Live & MyAOL personalized portals

Pricing and Availability
The new version is available today for purchase. Existing clients can contact their account manager to upgrade at their convenience with minimal resource requirements, no additional costs, and no impact to subscribers. e2Campus prices vary based on the number of users with an average price around a dollar a semester per person for a school of 10,000 users.

About e2Campus
Used by more than 600 campuses around the country, e2Campus is the first and most widely used unified emergency notification system in education. The CAP compliant, Tier-1 notification system enables non-technical staff to self-administer and send custom or predefined messages instantly to the entire campus community for improved crisis communications. There is no traditional software to install, no hardware to buy and no additional phone lines needed. Through one unified interface, e2Campus instantly and simultaneously sends multimodal alerts to a subscriber's mobile phone (via SMS text message), landline phone (via voice message), computer desktop (pop-up), and e-mail accounts, plus campus infrastructure such as PA systems, digital signage, alert beacons, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, and relevant school Web pages. To learn more, visit http://www.e2Campus.com.

About Omnilert
Omnilert, LLC is the leading provider of unified mass notification systems for IT messaging, business continuity, and emergency management. The easy-to-use, self-service, Web-based system enables a single person to communicate timely information to thousands of people anywhere, anytime, on any device or service. The company's 1,400 clients include the U.S. Army, GE, Harvard University, Tennessee Titans, UNICEF and the National Institutes of Health. Omnilert solutions are sold under the brand names e2Campus, Amerilert, and RainedOut. The privately held company is headquartered in Leesburg, Va., and at http://www.omnilert.com online.

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