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Missouri City Offers Disaster Preparedness Training

Business owners are responsible for keeping workers safe, and several company operators in Bonne Terre, Missouri, recently participated in disaster preparedness tutorials to improve their workplace safety strategies. The Daily Journal reports that the Bonne Terre Chamber of Commerce sponsored a disaster preparedness seminar to assist business leaders throughout the area. 

With the training session, company executives received valuable information that they can relay to staff members and use to improve their emergency preparedness plans. Jim Sharp, a local emergency management professional, stated that the seminar emphasized earthquake safety and business recovery skills. 

"I think it's critical across the board, to be prepared to be on your own for a while. Everybody has limited resources, especially in an earthquake scenario. Since it affects a broad area, you can't pull those resources from other counties. Mutual aid doesn't mean much when everybody has their own emergencies," Sharp told the news source.

Additionally, emergency management personnel identified the differences between disasters and emergencies to ensure that business leaders were well prepared for both types of crises. By offering the comprehensive training session, city leaders said that they anticipate company professionals will be able to prepare and recover from critical situations without delay. 

In Montgomery, Alabama, community members and business owners can soon enjoy various emergency preparedness tutorials at an upcoming event. According to Alabama Live, city leaders will host a Family Emergency Preparedness Day event on April 6, 2013. Demonstrations, giveaways and interactive displays will be used by emergency management professionals to teach attendees about numerous disaster preparedness techniques. 

Several local first responders also will provide support throughout the event. Participants can interact with these specialists to learn exactly how to respond to various life-threatening situations, and a tornado simulator and power line exhibit will deliver supplemental details to help people fully understand the impact of crises. 

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