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OmnilertFeb 15, 2023 8:28:00 PM5 min read

Chicago Area Schools Get First-Hand Look at New Gun Tech

Some local Chicago-area school administrators and regional police departments got a first-hand look at the latest in gun detection technology. Omnilert reseller, MDI Security, hosted a regional active shooter training demonstration featuring Omnilert Gun Detect software and showed first-hand how it can add a new layer of protection to would-be active shooters.

ABC 7 News Chicago Reports:


You can learn more about the technology and active shooter prevention with these resources:



Read the full press release from the event:


Chicago Area School District Conducts Live Active Shooter Training Event to Highlight Effectiveness of Omnilert AI Visual Gun Detection 
Event was hosted by Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School and MDI Security PLLC with participation from multiple school districts, and local police, sheriffs, and SWAT team members 

BRADLEY, IL – February 16, 2023 – Omnilert, a leader in active shooter and emergency communication solutions, today announced that Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School (BBCHS) in Bradley, Illinois and Omnilert reseller, MDI Security PLLC, hosted a regional active shooter training demonstration featuring the latest in AI visual gun detection software. During the live event on February 15, local school districts and police departments were able to witness the speed and life-saving capabilities of Omnilert Gun Detect, an AI-powered visual gun detection solution that identifies active shooter threats using existing security cameras either inside or outside a building.

The live demonstration highlighted the following sequence of events:

  • A person holding a gun walking through a variety of interior locations and the building perimeter at BBCHS.
  • The Omnilert Gun Detect software identified this active shooter in less than 1 second of it being visible to the camera.
  • An alert was sent to participants via text message and Omnilert app with notifications showing a still image of the detection and short video of the suspected shooter along with a map and camera name and location.
  • Once verified that it was indeed a gun threat, response and lock-down scenarios could be activated at the touch of a button on their mobile. In a real-life scenario, pressing this button would instantly kick off a series of customized events to which could include:
    • Lock doors
    • Notify police
    • Alert all students and staff onsite
    • Provide real-time location and details of the shooter to first responders

“Using the Omnilert solution in this real-life demo, it took only seconds from the time the shooter was identified to initiate a robust and swift response designed to prevent loss of life,” said George Macias, President, MDI Security Systems.  “It’s this fast reaction time, combined with the intelligence the system can feed to first responders that will make the difference during an active shooter situation.”

“The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority and we view technologies such as visual gun detection as an important part of a layered preventative strategy in helping schools achieve that goal,” said Matt Vosberg, BBCHS Superintendent.  “Schools already have cameras located strategically around campus and by integrating an AI software, they can transform them into 24/7 monitors for gun threats that combine with a communications platform to initiate a response in mere seconds.”

“What sets Omnilert’s active shooter solution apart is its unique combination of early gun detection, human verification, mass communication and an automated response,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of Omnilert.  “While detecting a gun threat is the first critical step, what happens after that in terms of a swift and robust response is what will ultimately save lives – and that is where we can make a difference in Illinois schools.”

How Visual Gun Detection Works
Omnilert Gun Detect is an advanced AI software that detects and recognizes a wide range of handguns, shotguns, rifles and military-style weapons in various environments, indoors and out and during day and night. The software provides full privacy to schools by not using facial recognition on subjects being recorded and the video feed does not leave the school premises. Omnilert’s software can easily be integrated with any IP-based camera systems and can monitor spaces that traditional gun detection technologies miss such as outside spaces. This solution gives emergency response teams advance warning before shots are fired and delivers precise information on the location and visuals of the potential shooter.

Unlike other options that merely identify weapons, Omnilert Gun Detect recognizes a firearm and the human movements and behavior consistent with gun violence, and then automates a full response plan within seconds to help keep people safe.