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Is digital signage part of your emergency communications strategy?

Reaching your people via the way they consume information is the essence of an Omnimodal or multi-channel approach.  Our world presents a multitude of communication vehicles, each with their own unique relevance based on the context of the information.


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Emergency Communications & Notifications, ENS Implementation & Management

Ara Bagdasarian

Crisis Communication Planning: Use proper training to avoid human error

There were a pair of incidents last week where schools sent erroneous messages through their emergency notification system (ENS).


One was a system test that sent an inadvertent bomb threat message resulting in a locked down Colorado High School, and another had parents frantic with worry over unintentional voice calls indicating their children were missing.



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Emergency Planning & Preparation

David Wade

Sending an emergency alert should never be a financial decision.

Omnilert has always adhered to this simple principle when it comes to pricing:  Sending an emergency alert should never be a financial decision.  

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Selecting the Right ENS

Ara Bagdasarian

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