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Saved From LiveSafe

If you haven't heard the news, the mobile safety app LiveSafe was acquired by Vector Solutions, an e-learning and performance management provider. While we can't know all the reasons for the sale, we can certainly speculate how business might look given the dirty little secret of app-based systems like LiveSafe. Customers may want to take this opportunity to reevaluate their options, as technologies are often discontinued or underfunded in these situations. 


Even if the acquisition is not disruptive in the short-term, app-only providers lack reach and are just not effective emergency response solutions.  Estimates suggest only 7% actually download emergency notification apps and only 10% of those users will enable location services. That means you can only reach 7% of your audience in an emergency. LiveSafe's app-only approach can hardly qualify as a safety solution if it covers less than 10% of your audience.


So, if you can’t reach everyone through your emergency notification app, what is the solution?


How to Reach Everyone in an Emergency


Omnilert has developed a way to close the app adoption gap for good. The “100% installed” Omnilert Instant App (also available as a conventional native app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store) provides the complete app experience to users without requiring them to download or install anything.  It ensures the rich functionality of an app can always be accessed by subscribers, equating to a 100% installation and adoption rate.  


A simple link is appended to SMS texts and email messages to provide users with two-way messaging, polling, tipping, panic buttons, rich media and safety resources with a single click.  The Instant App link can be easily bookmarked or saved to the user’s cell phone home screen. 


The Benefits of Multi-Channel Communications


With over 80% of the U.S. population carrying a smartphone, mobile applications are an important extension to a campus or organization emergency communications strategy and management plan. The pervasiveness of mobile devices expands your reach, but apps work best when used as part of a multi-modal strategy.


The success of an emergency response plan is predicated on whether or not the community is able to receive alerts. A multi-modal or multi-channel approach will increase the odds a particular recipient receives your message. For each line of communication pursued, the likelihood that recipients will see or hear the message increases.  A one-dimensional approach is bound to fail. Schools and organizations need the ability to deliver emergency notifications through every communication channel available, instantaneously and simultaneously in real time.


Notification is Not Enough


In the past, a university may have chosen to deploy a mass notification system, such as Omnilert, alongside an app-only system like LiveSafe. With decreasing budgets and advancing technology, organizations are realizing the benefits of a multi-modal approach with fewer systems. The Gartner Market Guide for Emergency/Mass Notification Services recommends security and risk management leaders "consolidate as many currently implemented EMNS solutions as possible to make their investments more cost-effective and efficient during a crisis."


Traditional emergency mass notification systems focus on fast and reliable messaging to inform people of dangerous situations. By employing these systems, organizations hope to mitigate the effects on their communities, from natural disasters to our current pandemic, through the provision of timely and accurate information. However, simply notifying the community of a dangerous event isn’t always enough. 


Organizations not only need to notify those who could be affected, but also engage potential victims to help move them to safety, manage the situation to the best of their abilities, and share intelligence with first responders. Furthermore, an organization may aspire to prevent an incident from happening in the first place. Omnilert offers the broadest array of solutions, spanning prevention, notification, engagement, and incident management.


Are you an existing LiveSafe customer wondering what to do now?  Let us save you from LiveSafe.  Show us your invoice and we will beat it.


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